Monday, February 16, 2009

Childhood Fear!

When I was around 5 years old, I was always afraid of getting robbed then being kidnapped in the process. I saw it happen in movies and on TV so I thought it could happen to me, couldn't it? I always hated nights because that’s when I thought this would happen. I had two doors to my room and one was right by the backdoor. Even though we always locked all the doors at night, I still had the fear, I mean I was the one with the room closest to any of the outside doors and if someone were to rob my house, I’d be the first room they’d hit besides the kitchen. So one day before my mom came home I pushed my dresser in front of the door that leads to the backdoor, hoping it would keep the bad guys out, which it did. I was never robbed or kidnapped but as a young child with a room next to the backdoor, I had every right to be scared. I think the fear of being kidnapped or robbed related to our book because Piggy's glasses get taken from him all the time to start a fire and someone even breaks them. Also because if I was a younger child on this island, I'd be afraid of getting kidnapped by some weird tribe who was already on the island and never being found again, even though the island they're on is completely empty of other people!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Technology! (:

What I liked about this semester is how often we had the chance to use Technology. I loved the fact that for each main section we had you introduced something different to us. With the wiki spaces, I enjoyed working as groups on them but I wouldn't mind working by myself so I could express my own creativity. For next semester, I would like to keep using the wiki spaces over and over! Also more of the blogger dealio! (: Dang, technology is just the greatest these days. Anyways, Mr. Ayer, keep up the good work! I enjoy being in your class, Especially first hour! ALLLLL YEAR LONG. Woohoo! - Sarah K